Well Inspections

Whenever you’re purchasing a home with a well, you want to be sure the current system will meet and keep up with the needs of your family. Lending institutions will typically also want to make sure the well meets their requirements prior to financing the property. Brink Home Inspections offers professional well flow testing. Our equipment is designed to measure the flow for a sustained period of time to determine the Gallons per minute flow rate and the total volume of water produced. During the test, we also monitor the pump motor and record the current draw to determine how hard the motor is having to work.

What is included in a Well Flow Test

  • Run the system for approximately 2 hours taking reading every 15 minutes to determine Flow Rate
  • Measure and record the total gallons produced from the well.
  • Check the condition of the well-head and make sure it is properly sealed.
  • While Flow Test is in progress, measure the amperage on the pump system to determine that the pump is running correctly.
  • If requested, water samples will be drawn and delivered to testing lab for analysis.
Water inspection
Water testing
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Well Inspection Services

If we find that the well isn’t able to produce enough water to supply the home or any other problems, we will recommend that a more thorough inspection be completed by a well drilling company. This is similar to if we find a deficiency in the electrical panel of a home. We would recommend contacting a licensed electrician for further evaluation. Troubleshooting is out of scope of a home inspection.


Next-Day Inspection Reports

Upon completing the on-site inspection, our home inspector will prepare a detailed report about the condition and functionality of your home. We understand that property purchasing decisions are often time-sensitive. That’s why you can expect us to deliver a comprehensive report within 24-hours of concluding your home inspection. Whether you require Well Inspections in Colorado, or Radon Testing, we ensure every inspection is conducted efficiently and professionally. Even though we provide next-day inspection reports, we never compromise with the quality of the inspection. Our inspectors meticulously and thoroughly inspect every aspect to put together a holistic report. Our report reveals any defects as well as its subsequent impact on other parts of the property. To further enhance the readability of the inspections report, we include high-resolution color photographs and videos.

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