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Affordable Home Inspection In Colorado

Our excitement has no bounds when it comes to buying the first house or the fifth house. We want to move into that house and live the life of our dreams. We at Brink Home Inspections aim to maintain your high spirit of excitement and provide customer satisfaction through our home inspection services. We are dedicated and take pride in the reputation we have built by our hard work. As an InterNACHI trained inspector, we are certified and trained inspectors to carry out our job to perfection which is aided with the years of experience we hold.

Considering that you are going to spend a significant amount of time and money purchasing a property, a home inspection is a minor expense that gives you peace of mind about your decision. We are proud to offer professional, comprehensive home inspections at affordable rates.

Our easy to understand reports will provide you with the documentation to request a credit towards the purchase of the home or apply towards the identified repairs.  It’s not uncommon for this dollar figure to be in the thousands.

Our Passion

Brink Home Inspections was built with customer satisfaction as the number one goal. A successful day with our company is measured by how many clients feel we have done an exceptional job for them and would recommend us to their friends.

Our goal is to build long term relationships even after the inspection. Please stay in touch with us even after you have moved into your new home if you have any home related questions.

Our inspectors make sure to point out the positive aspects of a property as well as the areas of concern. Inspector, David Brink, is a certified inspector with the InterNACHI Association of Certified Inspectors. David also has over 40 years of experience in building, remodeling and repairing homes. He understands the importance of a home purchase or sale and will patiently take time to explain all aspects of the final report.

When you hire our services, you can count on us for the results you want and need. Please use our online scheduler or contact us directly to discover the benefits of working with our company.


New project

Residential Home Inspection

To us, quality means taking time to carefully inspect all aspects of the home using our technical expertise.  Our goal is to make sure our clients are making a well informed decision about the purchase of their home.  We explain the difference between a serious issue and a minor one.  

Our average home inspection lasts 3 to 4 hours.  At the end of the inspection, we will take time to review our preliminary report, answer any immediate questions and have a full report available within 24 hours. After receiving the written report, we are always available to answer  additional questions either over the phone, Zoom Meeting or in person.   

If you are new to home ownership, we will take time to help explain how to properly maintain the various components that make up your home.  

We are certain that you won’t find a more thorough home inspection at a lower cost…that is the VALUE of a Brink Home Inspection. 

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Radon testing

Radon Inspections

Radon, a permeable gas that is a byproduct of uranium present in the soil which is released when roils , soil or water experience changes. Through advanced technology and latest equipment, Brink Home Inspections tests the presence of radon present in the house and provides honest reports if you may be incurring any health hazards.

sewer testing

Sewer Scope Inspections

Sewer scope inspections give you an insight into the sewer pipeline of the house and the condition it is in. Sewer repairs cost a lot of money and you as a home buyer should be aware if you are ready to make that commitment in a new house.

Q test

Water Quality testing

Investing in a house with contaminated water supply can be a nightmare. We at Brink Home Inspections provide water quality testing for testing for Coliform Bacteria, Lead, Nitrate and nitrite as per the state’s requirements.

water testing

Well Inspections

If your thinking of purchasing a home with a private well, you will want to make sure the well can supply your family with enough clean, drinkable water. Brink Home inspections can perform a well flow test and have the water tested by the Colorado State testing lab. Click the link below to learn about what we look for in our well testing procedures.



Rick K.

Home Inspection
Definitely a five star experience and company! The level of detail in David’s inspection of our new home was amazing. His experience with home construction made us 100% confident in moving forward with buying the house, even though it had a few minor issues (which we had not noticed prior to David pointing them out). As an added bonus, he provided us with a list of people that could make the repairs, but also explained how we could do some of them ourselves. Over the years, my wife and I have used a home inspector several times. The experience we had with Brink Home Inspections was by far and away the best! We are so grateful for David putting our minds at ease and the level of professionalism and patience he had with us.…Read more

Duane E.

Home Inspection
David is very professional and knowledgeable He gave thorough explanations of his findings. We did an extensive walk-through after the inspection and it was tremendous. Pointed out several things that we missed, despite having made multiple visits to the property. Very courteous, punctual. David was able to do our inspection on very short notice. We give him our highest possible recommendation. We would give 10 stars rather than 5 if available. If we need an inspection in the future, we will call David Brink first. Thanks David!

Steven l.

Home Inspection
I was glad my family told me about this website. David is really helpful on showing and explaining the flaws

Judi B.

Home Inspection
Highly Recommend ! I am a Real Estate agent in Southern Colorado and have found David with Brinkhomeinspections to be very professional, friendly and thorough when dealing with my clients. He always arrive early for any inspection and is very efficient and knowledgeable. When he conducts the onsite review, he is careful with his comments to discern the difference between minor and major issues. He also includes positive comments about the property which gives my clients a broader view of their potential new home or investment property. I only have good things to say about this company and trust them completely. I will absolutely use Brink home inspections again

Linda B.

Home Inspection
I appreciate David being flexible with the inspection date and time to accommodate my clients' schedule. He was punctual and thorough and explained issues to my buyers before we left the property. My buyers had all the information necessary for making objections to the sellers, but David presented issues in a way that didn't cause alarm or put the transaction in jeopardy.

Shawn W.

Home Inspection

Thomas & Paula S.

Home Inspection
David completed the inspection in a thorough and meticulous way, paying attention to detail. He completed the work in a timely and professional manner. We strongly recommend David and his service to anyone needing a high quality home inspection. Brink Home Inspections’ reply Hello Tom and Paula, It was a pleasure working with you and I hope you are enjoying your new home. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. I also have a link for you about watering trees in the Winter that you might find helpful.

Insured and Bonded

Our home inspectors are available every day of the week for inspections and customer service to ensure the best service and convenience to our customers.

    • $15 additional fee.
    • Coverage term is 120 days, beginning on the day of the inspection.
    • Items included: Air Conditioner, Furnace/Air Handler, Water Heater, Cooktop, Oven, Dishwasher, Water/Sewer Lines, Mold.
    • There is no deductible for the customer to pay when a service call is made.
    • All parts inside the sheet metal skin of the unit are covered.
    • No exclusions for rust, lack of maintenance, age, or unknown pre-existing conditions.
    • Reimbursement up to $2,000 on any deductibles paid toward homeowner’s insurance claims made on the Foundation, Framework or Roof.

for more information click on the link below:

Additional Information

The Buy-Back Guarantee is valid for home inspections performed for home buyers and home sellers only by participating InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspectors®.

We carry General Liability, and Errors &  Omissions Insurance.  We are also Bonded for $25k to protect against any incidentals.

We are very proud of the quality of services we offer. If you find yourself unsatisfied with our home inspection, it is our pledge to you that we will make it right.




Sample Inspection Report

A home inspection report is a crucial document the client receives after the inspection is done. It summarizes the present condition of the house and encloses pictures for better understanding and clarity. All the issues found, along with the location of those issues, comments, and suggestions about repair and replacement, are also mentioned clearly within.

The report also talks about the crucial home maintenance list and the ways to keep your home in sound condition to avoid future expensive repairs.

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As a home buyer you might have found the dream house for yourself, however meeting the inspection checklist is important and essential. A home inspector looks at the functionality of roof, flooring, basement, HVAC system, plumbing, electricals and all the major appliances in the house. thereafter , we provide a detailed report in order to help you make an informed decision on the purchase of the property.

There are no legalities to having a home inspection done in Colorado. However, if you plan to invest your hard earned money in a property, you need to know if there are any shortcomings which will directly aid in helping you to make an informed decision with the deal. The inspections will give you a complete report on the health of the estate.

A home inspection lays down a comprehensive report on the health and condition on the property. It is expected that sellers look into electrical issues that are safety or code issues, Plumbing or any water issues, Mold damage, HVAC problemsLeaking roofs or missing shingles, Termite and pest damage, Elevated radon levels and more if they want their buyers to pay the bids they ask for.

A home inspection in Colorado offers a warranty of about 90 days. After about 90 days, when the warranty is over, you may need to get a home inspection again. Hence, a home inspection is good for a period of three months.

To ensure that the property is well-maintained and free from issues, it is highly recommended to get a home inspection conducted twice a year by professional home inspectors in Colorado. This will help you in keeping your family safe and maintain a good record.

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