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If your home’s water source is supplied by a well, you will want to know if the water reaching your family is safe. As an individual water system owner, it is up to you to regularly check the quality of your water. The state recommends checking well water once a year for Coliform and E.coli. At the time of inspection, our inspectors will take samples of the drinking water following strict guidelines and submit them to the state for testing. The results for Bacteria are typically provided within 24 to 48 hours. Results for Lead, nitrates and other substances usually take 7 to 10 days. The testing package that is recommended by the state is called HUD/Real Estate Package. The package includes testing for Coliform Bacteria, Lead, Nitrate and nitrite.

The presence of contaminants in water can lead to health issues, including gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders. Infants, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people whose immune systems are compromised because of AIDS, chemotherapy, or transplant medications, may be especially susceptible to illness from some contaminants.

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How can you reside in a home without potable water? No matter how beautiful a property is, it probably isn’t worth your money if the water supply is contaminated. Rather than making a regretful investment, let Brink Home Inspections help you make an educated decision with our Water Quality Testing. We are equipped to ensure the water is safe for consumption. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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