Home Inspection in Denver, CO

Are you planning to buy a home in Denver, CO? Purchasing a home is a significant financial decision. Brink Home Inspections has the experience and knowledge to provide you a comprehensive inspection of your home. There are several attributes that make a safe, healthy, and comfortable home. Our goal is to ensure you are aware of any existing defects and their impact on the rest of the property. We specialize in Well Inspections, Radon Inspections, Sewer Scope Inspections, Mold Inspections, and Water Quality Testing. Our certified inspectors are happy to take you through the evaluation process. We are proud to offer our services at affordable rates.

Professional Home Inspectors in Denver, CO

With several years of experience, Brink Home Inspections is proud to have a qualified team of home inspectors and friendly customer service to help you with your home inspection needs. From testing the quality of water to revealing the presence of mold, we offer an extensive range of inspections and tests to ensure the home you’re planning to buy is worth your money. When you’re interested in a property, it’s crucial to put in an offer as soon as possible. You can rely on us to conduct a thorough inspection and deliver a detailed inspection report the next day.

Raise The Value of Your Home By Certified Home Inspection In Denver

Investing in a home inspection in Denver is the best way to protect your home’s value and guarantee its longevity. With our certified home inspectors, you can ensure that your home is in top condition and worth the amount you paid for it. A home inspection takes into account everything from structural integrity to pest control, so you can be confident in knowing the true status of your residence. With our home inspector on your side, you can increase the value of your home and get exactly what it’s worth when it comes time to sell. Yearly home inspections are especially advantageous if you’re looking to upgrade or move and want optimal returns. Don’t miss out – put the power of a professional home inspections Denver team behind you today!

Affordable Home Inspection By Trusted Home Inspectors In Denver

Are you looking for a home inspection service that offers great value for money and reliable home inspectors in Denver? Look no further, as we offer affordable home inspection services from trusted home inspectors with decades of experience. Our home inspectors have an eye for detail, allowing them to carefully assess your home and provide you with the peace of mind that your home is structurally sound and safe. Whether making a decision on a potential home purchase or ensuring your home is up to safety standards, our home inspection will help you make informed decisions backed by professional advice. Contact us today to find out more about our home inspection services in Denver!

Certified Sewer Scope Inspections in Denver, CO

There are several systems and components that make a house functional living space. And the sewer line is one of those important systems. Since it’s an underground system, you need to get a professional on board for its inspections. Brink Home Inspections offer inspections of a home’s sewer lines, also known as Sewer Scope Inspections. Along with years of experience, we have access to state-of-art technology to discover any problems with the sewer drain line. Our inspection will save you the hassle of costly sewer repairs down the line.

Why Choose Us for Home Inspection In Denver CO

At Brink Home Inspections, we take home inspection seriously, by offering you a comprehensive service that goes beyond the ordinary. Our experienced home inspectors do more than just a physical inspection of your home – they provide an honest and accurate assessment of the home’s condition and help you spot any potential problems so that you can save money in the long run. Not only do we provide thorough home inspections, but our staff also go above and beyond to make sure you always feel confident and informed throughout every step of the inspection process. Put your trust in us for all your home-buying needs, and get peace of mind with our home inspection services in Denver.

Best Water Quality Testing in Denver, CO

When you’re viewing homes, you’re probably more focused on the physical attributes of the house. However, it’s just as important to look at out-of-sight attributes that are essential to make a house habitable and potable water is one such attribute. Whether the water is supplied by the water department or a private well, Brink Home Inspections conducts Water Quality Testing in Denver. We test the water supply for pollutants and contaminants like alarming levels of lead, chlorine, and coliform bacteria. We also check the water supply’s hardness, pH levels, alkalinity, and so on. As a homebuyer, you should be sure that the water is safe for consumption before purchasing a property.

About Denver:

According to U.S. News & World Report, Denver is the best place to live in America. If you are seeking culture, Aurora is a hub with a thriving restaurant scene. From the job perspective, it boasts low unemployment rates. It has all the modern amenities you would need to live a comfortable and social life. Denver is the capital of Colorado for a reason. Denver is the 10th largest downtown area in the US. Denver displays a friendly climate and this is one of the biggest reasons to live in Denver. If you are looking for a place to move to with your family, Denver is the place you need to look at. From high-quality education to limitless recreational activities, Denver is just the perfect place to raise a family.



Roofing issues, damp floors and walls, broken roofs, plumbing problems, damaged appliances and more are certain issues or problems that are most commonly found during inspections.

A home inspector looks at the functionality of roof, flooring, basement, HVAC system, plumbing, electricals and all the major appliances in the house. thereafter , we provide a detailed report in order to help you make an informed decision on the purchase of the property.

A home inspection cost involves a lot of factors like the location of the property, size of the house, age, conditions of the real estate market, if you opt for additional services like mold inspections or radon testing, however an average family size house inspections being from anywhere in the around $300 and upwards.

A home inspection in Denver is good for about 90 days.

A home inspection in Denver should be conducted every 3 months to ensure a safe and secure living environment. If not every three months, it is highly recommended to get a home inspection conducted in Denver at least twice a year.

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