Instead of asking yourself, ‘why do I need to hire pest control when I’m selling my home?’, it’s more appropriate to ask yourself: “Why wouldn’t I invest in a home inspection service and pest control as a property seller?”

Since the services have established track records regarding maximizing your profit margins, why not make the most out of them?

So before listing your property in the market, be sure to take care of all those insignificant nagging problems to boost up its price.

With the knowledge that an inspection provides, you’ll be able to make changes or repairs before selling your home, which will give potential buyers peace of mind and leave a strong perception of your efficiency as an owner! This means more buyers and ultimately more money!

Now let’s find out more.

It Improves Credibility

As a seller, it’s your responsibility to make sure the buyer is protected. A pre-purchase examination guards the buyer by ensuring that any unexpected costs won’t befall them after taking the keys to their new house!

Plus, it allows you to give peace of mind to the buyer because they won’t have to do an inspection themselves and instead focus their energy on moving.

Hidden Issues Have the Potential to Be a Deal Killer

An inspection provides you with transparency into what are the underlying issues.

You never know what might hide under the surface, so it’s important to take advantage of an inspection before officially listing it.

Not everything serious is visible, which is why you should get in touch with a reliable home inspector right away – regardless of whether there’s a problem or not, so you can be informed about the current and future state of your property.

This way, if anything’s wrong, such as pest infestation, for example, you’ll know about it from the get-go before the situation gets dire.

Moreover, costly repairs due to major property damage stand out as one of the biggest obstacles when selling your place.

You Could Even Lose The Deal

Because you’ve already shown such good faith by getting inspections done on your property, buyers are less likely to haggle over the price tag because you’ve made the situation open and clear from the start.

If you don’t get a home inspection, the buyer will most likely still get one, and if they find any issues, they’ll try to negotiate the price lower than what you’d originally agreed on earlier.

Sometimes these haggling tactics could potentially cost you this sale entirely.

All because you didn’t take enough time to ensure that the property was in good working order by getting a thorough home inspection beforehand!

It Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you are selling your house, it is almost guaranteed that a professional home inspector will hand over comprehensive inspection cards detailing any potential problems and the state of your home.

This is great because you know your home is in mint condition from head to toe and can attract consumers who might also be looking to buy a new home!

Furthermore, suppose you have made extensive improvements to your home and decide to put it up for sale.

In that case, this fact alone could work as an advantage when negotiating with potential buyers who will likely be pleased with all the work you’ve completed.


We hope you enjoyed our article about why hiring a professional home inspection in Colorado before selling is so important. With this knowledge, we know you can sell your home quickly and for a higher price.