Pre-Inspection Checklist

Home inspection

The following list is a set of guidelines that will make an inspection go more smoothly.

For Home Inspections

  • Make sure all utilities, water, electric, & gas are on and all pilot lights are lit.
  • Write notes to the inspector about any special concerns such as pets, locking up the home, thermostat settings, or repairs or replacements that may already have been made or planned.
  • Make sure all rooms / areas of the home, garage, and outbuildings can be unlocked so the inspector can get into them.
  • Move any boxes or storage to allow for a clear view of the walls, especially in basements & garages.
  • Replace any light bulbs that aren’t working.
  • Arrange items under sinks to allow for adequate inspection of the plumbing and the floor of the cabinet.
  • Arrange items under sinks to allow for adequate inspection of the plumbing and the floor of the cabinet.
  • If present, the inspector will be running the dishwasher through a full wash cycle. Feel free to add soap if the dishes need to be washed.
  • Make sure the inspector has access to the attic, water heaters, electrical panels, furnaces, air conditioners, sump pumps, etc.
  • Fireplaces / Wood stoves: Make sure old ashes are cleaned out to allow for inspection.

For Well Inspections

  • Prepare all the documents containing information about the well, including previous maintenance records.
  • Make sure the surrounding area is clean of any obstructions.

For Radon Inspections

  • Keep the doors and windows of the home closed for up to 12 hours prior to testing.
  • HVAC systems can be operated as usual.
  • Don’t operate fireplaces, humidifiers, ceiling fans, or attic fans.

For Sewer Scope Inspections

  • It would be preferable for someone to be present for the Sewer Scope Inspection but it is not necessary.
  • If you won’t be present for the inspection, you need to communicate access details such as gate code to our inspectors.
  • Running water and electricity are required for inspections. If utilities are unavailable, then let us know before the inspection.
  • Make sure the area around the mainline access point is free from clutter, boxes, or any other obstructions.
  • Children and pets should be preferably in another area.

For Mold Inspections

  • Don’t try to clean or paint the area prior to inspection.
  • Similar to cleaning, avoid extra efforts to ventilate the house, which can throw off the reading.
  • Power off any humidifiers or air purifiers.
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