A home inspection is necessary for peace of mind. Inspectors can assess the damages and create a detailed report of their findings. As a result, you will be able to cater to cracks, leaks and deficiencies before they worsen, costing you thousands of dollars. 

With a little more spending on home inspection In Colorado, you and your family can live without fearing a house collapse or unforeseen expenses. But how do you know whether an inspector is worth hiring or not? Well, we have compiled the answer in four points. 

Let’s take a look:

  1. Qualification
    Becoming a home inspector is not that simple. Every state in the U.S has its own rules and regulations regarding a home inspector’s qualification.
    Ideally, a person needs to pass the National Home Inspector Exam and complete 100 inspections under a professional inspector’s supervision to qualify as a home inspector.
    Certifications from the National Association of Home Inspectors also play a vital role when you go on to hire them.
    Therefore, as a homeowner, you must check whether the inspector is fully qualified and certified to inspect your house or not. You can also ask them about their standard inspection protocol to ensure they are well-versed in their job.
  2. Standard Operating Procedure
    Most inspectors follow a similar SOP for general inspection. They are likely to initially assess electrical equipment, HVAC, plumbing and roofing.
    If you want to be more specific with inspection, you can go for mold assessment, lead-based paint inspection, pest, soil and underground oil tank analysis etc. Inspectors can do pool and chimney inspections too.
    However, all these assets can only be assessed if someone holds deep knowledge about all of them. So, ask them about their SOP to know about their assessment criteria.
  3. Experience
    Home inspectors are hired once in decades. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you hire someone with vivid experience of reviewing homes.
    You can ask them to show their previous inspection reports to ascertain whether they are worth the money or not.
    Such reports, in general, contain relevant images and videos too. So, it would be best if they could show sample reports of their past work. 
  4. Reviews
    The Internet is a great equalizer. What you see there comes straight from relevant customers. That is why Google and social media reviews can play a major role in decision-making.
    Most home inspectors today have their presence on Google listings; you can check the reviews and rating section to see what customers are talking about them.
    You can also inquire about quality inspectors within your family and friend circle as well, chances are they are likely to suggest an authentic inspector. 

Final Thoughts

Given that you have pumped a decent amount of money into building your own home, it is best to get your home inspected for any hidden deficiencies just to be safe.

Home inspection not only assures you of your house’s condition but also helps you avert unwanted expenses. However, while choosing a reliable home inspector, don’t forget to check their SOP, experience, qualification and reviews. 

So, contact them today for a no-obligation quote.